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Top 10 recommendations for reaching women with mobile across low- and middle-income countries

Thursday 16 Jul 2020 | Connected Women | English | Financial inclusion for women | Gender | Latin America & the Caribbean | Middle East and North Africa | Mobile access and use | Mobile internet for women | South Asia | Sub-Saharan Africa | Video | Webinar |

In this webinar, the lead author of Connected Women’s flagship report, Reaching 50 Million Women with Mobile: A Practical Guide shared the key insights of the report. Watch the recording to learn:

  • Our top 10 recommendations for reaching women with mobile
  • Real-life examples of what mobile operators are doing to reach female customers

For the last 10 years, our GSMA Connected Women programme has been dedicated to ensuring women across low- and middle-income countries are not left behind when it comes to accessing and using mobile technology. We are proud to have supported our operator partners reach over 50 million additional women over this period.

Drawing on our research and work across Africa, Asia and Latin America over the last decade, including a recent survey of operator employees, we have distilled 10 recommendations for reaching women with mobile. Watch this webinar recording to hear more and find out how you can improve digital and financial inclusion for women.

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