OMTP Documents.1.1 – OMTP Advanced Trusted Environment OMTP TR1 v1.1

OMTP Documents.1.1 – OMTP Advanced Trusted Environment OMTP TR1 v1.1 image

Establishing trust in a Terminal that is delivered to the mass market is a difficult but critical task for future mobile services. The embedded security of handsets is under constant attack from hackers and this will steadily increase.

The ‘Advanced Trusted Environment: OMTP TR1’ extends the work of the ‘Basic Trusted Environment: OMTP TR0’ by looking at what is necessary to secure future services which have high security needs, for example Broadcast and M-Commerce applications. The requirements provide the foundation for all the security on the device providing the pillars of support to the Operating System running on the device and protecting other security features such as an Application Security Framework. The requirements also further enhance security measures against re-enablement of blocked mobile phones following theft, through increased security of stored data such as the IMEI.

This maintenance release includes alignment of TR1 requirements with standards that have evolved since the first release in May 2008. This includes standards from: ETSI, 3GPP, OMA and TCG’s Mobile Trusted Module.

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