VoLTE Security in NG PRDs


Wednesday 9 Aug 2017 | All Documents |

Quick guideline of cases and NG documentation to follow for VoLTE Security. Download

Korea turns on nationwide LPWA networks


Friday 21 Jul 2017 | All Documents |

Momentum behind the GSMA’s Mobile IoT Initiative continues to grow – South Korean mobile network operators, KT Corporation and LG Uplus have become the latest to launch commercial Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWA) based on the GSMA’s ...

IR.33 GPRS Roaming Guidelines v10.0


Wednesday 5 Jul 2017 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.33 provides a standardised view on how GPRS (General packet radio service) networks can interwork  to provide GPRS roaming capabilities when users roam onto foreign/visited networks.

RCC 14 v5.0 – Service Provider Device Configuration


Wednesday 28 Jun 2017 | Configuration |

This document describes an Over The Air (OTA) mechanism that allows a Service Provider to provision mobile and non-mobile devices with the necessary configurations to use their services. It provides an alternative to the Open Mobile ...

SGP.02 v3.2 – Remote Provisioning Architecture for Embedded UICC Technical Specification


Tuesday 27 Jun 2017 | All Documents | SIM Working Group | Technical Documents |

This document provides a technical description of the GSMA’s ‘Remote Provisioning Architecture for Embedded UICC’. Download:

iUICC POC Group Primary Platform requirements


Wednesday 17 May 2017 | All Documents | Technical Documents |

In order to meet market expectations asking for deeper integration of functionalities, the GSMA has set up a PoC to perform evaluations of technical solutions, and thus to ease the migration of UICC technology within Systems on Chips ...

IR.59 Description of Anti-Steering of Roaming mechanisms V2.0


Monday 10 Apr 2017 | All Documents |

This document, together with PRD IR.89, provides guidelines on how to recognise that Anti-Steering of Roaming is taking place.

IG.16 – Smarter Traffic Management


Tuesday 14 Mar 2017 | All Documents | Internet Group |

Smarter Traffic Management allows operators to manage network data that is increasingly encrypted, and being delivered via new protocols and congestion-control algorithms.         The GSMA Internet Group is interworking with IAB/IETF ...

IG.17 – Mobile Throughput Guidance


Wednesday 8 Mar 2017 | All Documents | Internet Group |

Mobile Throughput Guidance (MTG) describes a potential means to improve customer experience during ...



Monday 27 Feb 2017 | All Documents | SIM Working Group |

This document provides a technical description of the GSMA’s ‘Remote Sim Provisioning(RSP) Architecture for consumer Devices’. This document is available for comment by industry stakeholder between 28/02/2017 – ...

SGP.26 v1.2 RSP Test Certificate Description


Tuesday 3 Jan 2017 | All Documents | SIM Working Group | Technical Documents |

This document’s scope is to define the Test Certificates that will be used in the tests specified in SGP.23 v1.2 based on ...

IR.64 IMS Service Centralization and Continuity Guidelines v14.0


Saturday 10 Dec 2016 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.64  provides guidelines for the centralization of IMS services and IMS based service continuity for single radio devices by listing a number of Evolved Packet Core, IMS core, and User Equipment (UE) features on top of the features ...

WWG.13 – Cloud Browser Business Opportunities


Tuesday 29 Nov 2016 | All Documents | Internet Group |

The report presents the Cloud Browser technology that simplifies application deployment and maintenance by shifting their execution into the Cloud. Current operator’s service issues exists when deploying applications onto a ...

IR.38 LTE and EPC Roaming Testing v3.0


Monday 7 Nov 2016 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.38 covers test cases on, LTE data roaming, 2G/3G data roaming via Evolve Packet Core (EPC), Circuit Switch Fallback and Short Message Service over SG protocols.

IR.39 IMS Profile for High Definition Video Conference (HDVC) Service v7.0


Wednesday 25 May 2016 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.39 serves to adopt the UNI profile from the high-voltage, direct current into GSMA and integrates it in the GSMA suite of IMS profiles by building the profile through referencing the PRD´s IR.92 and IR.94.

IR.88 LTE and EPC Roaming Guidelines v13.0


Friday 20 May 2016 | All Documents | Technical Documents |

IR.88 presents material about LTE Roaming. It addresses aspects which are new and incremental to LTE and recognises that much of the data-roaming infrastructure is reused from GPRS and High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) Roaming.

IR.51 IMS over Wi-Fi v2.1


Friday 20 May 2016 | All Documents | Technical Documents |

The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Profile for Voice and Video, documented in this Permanent Reference Document (PRD), identifies a minimum mandatory set of features which are defined in 3GPP specifications that a wireless device (the ...

IR.92 IMS Profile for Voice and SMS v9.0


Friday 20 May 2016 | All Documents | Technical Documents |

IR.92 defines a voice over IMS profile by listing number of Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network, evolved packet core, IMS core, and UE  features which are considered essential to launch interoperable IMS based voice ...

SG.24 Anti-Theft Device Feature Requirements v3.0


Tuesday 17 May 2016 | All Documents | Fraud and Security Group |

This document defines a set of requirements that can be used by all industry stakeholders to allow users to protect, track, disable and re-enable stolen devices in a consistent way. These requirements constitute a benchmark set of ...

SGP.03 NFC UICC Requirements Specification v6.1


Monday 4 Apr 2016 | All Documents | SIM Working Group |

SGP.03 lists for NFC UICC a minimum set of requirements and the specification of technical gaps identified to ensure an efficient and consistent development and deployment of NFC services.