IR.74 Video Share Interoperability Specification v2.0


Tuesday 28 Oct 2014 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.74 specifies the terminal interoperable Real-Time Live Video Share service. The intended audience of IR.74 is terminal or software vendors who wish to implement an inter-operable Video Share service.  Mobile operators who seek to ...

IR.79 Image Share Interoperability Specification v2.0


Tuesday 28 Oct 2014 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.79 describes the terminal interoperable Image (Live & Pre-stored) Share service. Download

IR.49 M2M Roaming Guidelines v1.0


Wednesday 15 Oct 2014 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.49 specifies recommendations related to network aspects of managing roaming M2M (machine to Machine) devices in mobile networks. it is intended to be used by mobile network operators, and covers the Congestion and Overload Handling ...

IR.58 IMS Profile for Voice over HSPA v6.0


Wednesday 24 Sep 2014 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.58 provides details on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Profile for Voice over High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA), it defines and identifies a minimum mandatory set of features which are defined in 3GPP specifications that a wireless ...

IR.36 Adaptive Multirate Wide Band v5.0


Thursday 11 Sep 2014 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.36 presents material about wideband voice. It explains the benefits for the end users, and documents the Adaptive Multirate Wide Band codec. It also details impacts on the terminal and the network, and gives recommendations for ...

TS.28 Enhancing Mobile Network Efficiency – Recommendations for Devices v1.0


Wednesday 16 Jul 2014 | All Documents | Terminal Steering Group |

TS.28 addresses mobile network efficiency issues related to smartphones experienced by operators and manufacturers and makes a number of recommendations for device implementations to improve mobile network efficiency.

IR.48 OC Roaming Hub Simplified IR Testing v2.0


Wednesday 21 May 2014 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.48 is the specification of International Roaming End-to-end Functional Capability tests for 2G and 3G services between different Networks both connected to the same Roaming Hub Service Provider.

SGP.01 Embedded SIM Remote Provisioning Architecture v1.1


Thursday 30 Jan 2014 | All Documents | SIM Working Group |

SGP.01 defines a common global architecture framework to enable the remote Provisioning and management of the Embedded UICC (eUICC) in machine-to-machine devices.

ZTE – LTE APT 700MHz Terminal white paper


Monday 23 Sep 2013 | All Documents |

June 2013 This white paper summarizes the technical challenges and solutions for the APT 700MHz terminal, such as antenna design, multi-band RF design, carrier aggregation and voice solutions. APT 700 terminals will benefit from the ...

ERICSSON – APT700 A truly global LTE band


Friday 20 Sep 2013 | All Documents |

September, 2013 Starting in Asia, Ericsson has led the development and championed widespread acceptance of the APT700 band, creating a global LTE ecosystem opportunity, benefiting consumers and operators.

TELSTRA – APT 700MHz white paper


Friday 20 Sep 2013 | All Documents |

September 2013 This document provides insight into the global and local (Telstra Australia) growth in wireless data, along with forecasts of the applications, device usage and traffic out to 2018. This paper explains how the new 3GPP ...

NSN – APT700 Discussion Paper


Thursday 19 Sep 2013 | All Documents |

September, 2013 An overview by Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) outlining the 700 and 800MHz bands for mobile network deployment, highlighting the different regions, where there is overlap and what areas of interference might need to ...

AA 32 Intellectual Property Rights Regulations V.4.0


Wednesday 4 Sep 2013 | All Documents | GSMA Corporate Documents |

This document ("the IPR Regulations") contains the regulations of the Association in relation to Intellectual Property Rights. Download here

IR.24 End-to-End Functional Capability Specification for Inter-PLMN Roaming (Stage 4 Testing) v10.1


Thursday 1 Aug 2013 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.24 describes the specification of End-to-end Functional Capability tests relating to the International Roaming of a Mobile Station, belonging to a Home Public Land Mobile Network and within a visited  Public Land Mobile ...

IR.70 SMS SS7 Fraud v4.0


Thursday 25 Jul 2013 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.70 Defines SMS Fraud cases and describes technical aspects for each case. Download

IR.45 USSD Interworking Guidelines v1.0


Wednesday 10 Jul 2013 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.45 introduces guidelines for the usage of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) inter-Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) connections and requirements for establishing USSD interworking between PLMN operators.

International Remittance Considerations for Mobile Network Operators


Wednesday 20 Feb 2013 | All Documents | Technical Documents |

This white paper reviews the international remittance market, the opportunity for MNOs, and the technical, legal, commercial, and operational considerations for any new player to this market. The paper also introduces Mobile Money ...

IR.53 MMS Inter-working Tests v3.1


Friday 19 Oct 2012 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.53 will guide readers through a series of standardized testing to ensure that functionality for MMS exists within the home and roaming environments.

IR.69 Video Telephony Release Cause Usage Guidelines v1.0


Saturday 29 Sep 2012 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.69 are guidelines to use the Release Cause values (part of the ITU-T protocol that allows to release a call at either pre-answer stage or for when the call is completed) for a particular Video Calling scenario. These values allow ...

IR.26 End-to-End Functional Capability Specification for Inter-PLMN Roaming (Stage 4 Testing). Addendum v3.7.0


Thursday 27 Sep 2012 | All Documents | Networks Group |

IR.26 is the specification of IREG End-to-end Functional Capability tests, for Phase 2 Supplementary Services, relating to the international roaming of a Mobile Station.