Focus on Policy Good Practice

On this page you can find a collection of use cases that highlight good practice across network investment, economic recovery, digital inclusion, and consumer trust. The goal is to provide inspiration for governments and regulators as they look to expand and improve mobile connectivity, and support digital growth and innovation that serve the many.

Network Investment

To incentivise capital investment by operators, governments can implement and maintain light-touch regulatory frameworks that provide network operators with access to spectrum, remove regulatory barriers, reduce obstacles to network deployment (i.e., for fixed and mobile infrastructure), and allow network operators to recover the cost of their investments.

India’s Telecoms Reforms Set the Stage for 5G Launch

Finland Strikes a Balance to Avoid Spectrum Set-Aside for Private Networks

How Kazakhstan Is Bridging the Digital Divide          

United States Lowers Barriers to Infrastructure Deployment for 5G

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Infrastructure Sharing Agreements in China Support 5G Deployment

Economic Recovery

By advancing the digitalisation of industry and public institutions, and by educating and reskilling people for careers in technology, policymakers can be instrumental in spurring progress. Regulators should set flexible rules that allow companies to create new services people and businesses want. Policy actions such as these spark economic activity and support the recovery and beyond.

China Reduces Regulatory and Business Barriers for 5G in Verticals

European Union Accelerates Economic Recovery and Digitalisation

Japan Eyes Whole-of-Government Approach to Accelerate Digitalisation

Iraq Facilitates 4G Rollout with License Extensions, Tech Neutrality

Korea Adopts Balanced Regulation for In-App Billing

Digital Inclusion

Working to increase digital inclusion should be a priority for all countries. Barriers can include affordability, digital illiteracy or insufficient relevant content, but the issues are complex and differ from location to location. Governments must continue to address these and other challenges while allowing operators to enhance and extend their networks and manage the traffic.

Singapore’s Digital Initiatives to Include Everyone

France Makes Consistent Regional Development a Priority

Spectrum Access and Pricing Key Factors in Gulf States’ 5G Leadership

Consumer Trust

When people are confident that the digital environment is sufficiently safe, private and trustworthy, they are more likely to embrace a digitally enabled life. To this end, governments must balance the legal and regulatory requirements for consumer protection with self-regulation and accountability for business, while retaining enough flexibility to allow companies to innovate and compete on a level playing field in the digital ecosystem.

ASEAN Digital Ministers Look to Cross-Border Data Flows to Promote Digital Trade

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