GSMA eBusiness Network

Evolving the telecoms industry

The GSMA eBusiness Network automates and streamlines inter-operator business processes. What’s more, this private, industry network is both multi-party and multi-vendor. We believe it marks the beginning of an evolution in the way the industry works. Thanks to blockchain technology, we can now make significant improvements to business processing. Chiefly, turning the complex, simple. Therefore, helping operators and their ecosystem partners conduct business together much more efficiently.

Markedly, this is an open-source digital solution, by our technology partner, Mobileum. It’s built on distributed ledger technology (blockchain) and decentralised applications. This shares and processes information and asset value exchange (i.e. agreements and bills) in an automated, transparent and secure way. While operators and ecosystem partners can come together under the same umbrella. Taking a truly digital approach.

Automation and blockchain are key

Firstly, automation is at the heart of this digital transformation. Since that’s how to simplify and speed up processes. As well as mitigate inefficiencies. Secondly, it’s blockchain. Because it can not only automate, but do so in a way that’s completely secure and trustworthy. So its immutable nature and ability to create a ‘single source of truth’, make it suitable for accelerating all aspects of inter-operator business processes.

More Information

What is the purpose of the GSMA eBusiness Network?

The GSMA eBusiness Network will make significant improvements to collaborative business processes. Thanks to blockchain technology. Since it provides a uniform secure network between operators and their ecosystem partners. Reducing integration efforts and costs. While increasing efficiencies.

What is blockchain technology?

It’s a system of recording information in decentralised ledgers. These are shared across an entire network of computer systems. Rather than being stored in a single central database. This shared digital ledger of transactions is not only transparent, but immutable. Therefore, it safeguards against intentional or unintentional attempts to change, hack, or cheat the system. How is this confidentiality maintained? By using the shared ledger to store cryptographic hashes of information. These are passed privately between organisations. Allowing both parties to have total confidence in the veracity of data shared. Consequently, establishing automated trust through decentralisation and cryptography.

What is the vision of the GSMA eBusiness Network?

This is the beginning of a digital evolution. Beginning with wholesale roaming and settlement applications. In line with operator thinking, our network will be characterised by openness and transparency. We are laying the groundwork for multi-party, multi-vendor, ledger technology-agnostic applications. In time, we hope to expand to other inter-operator use cases. Where automation of complex business processes is beneficial to all. We are continuing to work with operators on this vision.

What are the goals for the GSMA eBusiness Network?

A global blockchain network for the entire telecoms ecosystem. Managed by the GSMA on behalf of the mobile industry. This will connect all operators and partners within the mobile industry. Improving efficiency and reducing the cost of doing business together.

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