GSMA Device Database

Direct access to the IMEI Data you need for Device Validation, Device Analytics, Network Optimisation and more.

With over 10,000 device models launched every year, keeping track of accurate IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) and TAC (Type Allocation Code) is highly complex. GSMA Device Database lets you identify the manufacturer and model as well as other characteristics of a mobile device from its IMEI number. The first 8 digits of the IMEI are the TAC that GSMA issues to all device brand owners; original equipment manufacturers then add a further 7-digits to produce the IMEI. The database is updated by manufacturers in real-time so the data is accurate. Using the TAC issued to every device, the GSMA Device Database can be used across many business applications.

For example:

  • Identifying the type of device in use by its IMEI (TAC) to offer appropriate services or customer offers
  • Help in remote management of devices for software and configuration
  • Clarifying network resource usage by device
  • Identifying operating systems
  • Ensuring devices are legitimately registered by the true manufacturer