MWC24 Barcelona Connected Industries Smart Mobility Summit

MWC24 Barcelona Connected Industries Smart Mobility Summit

Start: Monday 26 February 2024 11:00

End: Monday 26 February 2024 17:45

Venue: Connected Industries Stage, Hall 4

Location: Fira Gran Via, Barcelona

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Smart Mobility Summit

Smart Mobility belongs at the heart of the world’s largest connectivity event. From more efficient travel, to greener and safer innovations. Connect with the most influential names in the sector at MWC24 Connected Industries Smart Mobility Summit – and accelerate your business growth.

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Accelerating railways: Full speed to the future with 5G
Time: 11:00 – 11:30

In the coming years, Railways are set for a technological transformation, harnessing the power of 5G connectivity to enhance sustainability and facilitate energy transition. This shift positions Railways as a viable option for short-haul travel, challenging traditional air travel while accelerating digitization within the industry. 5G will serve as the foundational technology for the new Future Railways Mobile Communications System (FRMCS) and European Traffic Control System (ETCS), enabling real-time communication with high bandwidth and low latency to support critical communication and telemetric functions in Railways.

Beyond FRMCS and ETCS, 5G becomes the linchpin for digitization and multimodal transportation, supporting Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) use cases. Private networks are established for depots and stations, ensuring seamless connectivity for end-users.

Join Accenture’s panel for insights from industry leaders on the latest developments, opportunities, and intricacies of this transition, including the introduction of new ecosystem players shaping the future of Railways and global mobility industry.

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Who’s at the wheel in the connected vehicle revolution? 
Time: 12:00 – 13:00

Mobility is undergoing unprecedented transformation, and the automotive industry is at the front line of innovation. Cars become more than machines when they progress into intelligent, data-driven partners for drivers. There is no doubt that we are entering the core of the connected vehicle revolution. This session explores the many possibilities that connected vehicles may offer, ranging from enhanced safety features to smart navigation, entertainment, and environmental benefits.

Mobile operators, with their continuous evolution of the network and the seamless integration of 5G, are part of the transformation journey of future transportation. We’ll explore the potential and challenges of this paradigm shift through in-depth expert insights, case studies, and interactive discussions. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the impact of mobile network technology on the connected vehicle landscape and how it is shaping the mobility future.

Take a seat, buckle up, and join us on the journey to tomorrow. Discover the enormous potential that the integration of connected vehicles and mobile networks offers in making the unimaginable possible in transportation.

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Boosting BVLOS: mitigating drone risks and broadening commercialization
Time: 14:00 – 15:00

Join us for this thought-provoking session that will take your business to new heights through the extraordinary world of drones. Uncrewed aircraft are revolutionising industries ranging from agricultural and infrastructure inspection to public safety, emergency response and environmental monitoring. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and managing these autonomous flying vehicles is not a simple task.

When it comes to BVLOS drone operations, risk control on both the ground and in the air is clearly the paramount concern. Mobile networks play an important part in these developments by offering enhanced connectivity, real-time data exchange, ground and air risk services, and serving as digital highways in the sky.

We will delve into strategies for ensuring safe and responsible drone use, as well as how mobile operators may play an important role. Experts in the area will lead lively conversations, discussing practical case studies, possible business models and sharing firsthand expertise with the audience.

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Weaving the Mobility Future: Better Together
Time: 15:30 – 16:30

Enter the realm of connectivity, automation, and the digital twin. While ubiquitous, reliable, scalable and secure connectivity is essential, we will explore the role of MNOs, SNOs, HAPS, and others in weaving the future of mobility. We can connect vehicles and people using advanced technologies such as electrification, AI, edge computing, virtualisation, and software evolution, leading to a seamless and dynamic ecosystem that improves safety, efficiency, and convenience.

The session will go above and beyond mobility technologies. What does the future look like for Smart Mobility? Will digital twin or teleoperation take the front stage in the future? Join us to find out the answers to these questions and be a part of the conversation that is driving future innovation, developing sustainable mobility solutions, and shaping the mobility experience of tomorrow.

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Putting Human First in AI Development: Key Considerations for Creating AI for Smart Devices
Time: 17:00 – 17:45

The panel discussion on the development of AI in smart devices promises to be an illuminating event, with John Hoffman, CEO and Director of GSMA Ltd., George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd. and Alex Katouzian, SVP and GM of MCX, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., coming together to share their insights and ideas. The discussion will revolve around the importance of having a human-centric focus to inform the design of AI for smart devices, and what new possibilities we can expect from this new-generation on-device AI. The panelists will also explore trust enhancement and privacy protection in the context of pervasive AI and how best the industry can work together for the benefit of consumers. The discussion aims to shed light on the potential of on-device AI and how it can revolutionize the way smart devices are integrated into our daily lives.

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