Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector has a big challenge to reach net zero. It currently accounts for more than 16 gigatonnes of CO2 per year. That equates to roughly one third of total global emissions. To reach the 2050 net zero target the manufacturing sector needs to halve emissions in the next ten years: a reduction of 8.6 gigatonnes.

Mobile connectivity has the ability help the manufacturing sector decarbonise. Smart connected factories could reduce emissions by 1.4 gigatonnes of CO2 by 2030, or 16% of the cuts needed. This would save the same emissions as manufacturing approximately 140 million cars…

The benefits of smart factories come through integrated technology that improves productivity. These include:

Download our infographic: Mobile Enabling Net Zero Manufacturing 

Download and view our infographic on how the manufacturing industry is progressing towards it’s emissions target, with key statistics and facts. Read our Methodology Report for the industry.

Foxconn case study
Telefonica Germany case study


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