Cybersecurity: A governance framework for mobile money providers

The GSMA Mobile Money team, at the Mobile 360 – Africa regional event, held a side session on ‘Cybersecurity and cross border data flows in the mobile industry.’ The session was well attended with representatives from the industry, regulators and policy makers. The Director-General of the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) participated in the panel on cybersecurity in mobile money services alongside key stakeholders from the World Bank and Safaricom.

During the session participants discussed some of the arising technical and regulatory concerns in the implementation of cybersecurity, a new and emerging area for regulators and industry players all over the world.

As the risk of cybercrime continues to grow, so does the need for innovative ways in dealing with these. The need for trust and confidence for the consumer is greater now than ever. While cybercrime is not a new concern, it is evident that the ubiquity of technology, and the evolution in customer behaviour has greatly exacerbated the risk. Today, cybersecurity is not merely a technical problem, and while mobile money presents a great opportunity towards bridging the financial inclusion gap, the associated risks must be addressed.

The governance framework presented in this report provides a holistic approach that looks beyond technology and considers the people and process aspect of good security. The dimensions and key elements of this framework are shown in the image below and are explained in further detail in the report.

Download the report to learn more about the recommendations for mobile money providers to improve the overall security landscape of mobile money services.