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As part of the Connected Women Programme’s Commitment Partner initiative, Vodacom Tanzania has committed to increase the number of women in their mobile money customer base by 2023.

In developing countries like Tanzania, women run most small businesses and they often do this long before having basic information, such as bookkeeping and accounting. Vodacom believes that equipping women with mobile financial tools will empower them and help them become more successful as they gain access to business tools and learn new ways of doing business, consequently improving their lives. Research has shown that in many developing nations, women play a key role in contributing to the economic welfare of families. Hence, empowering women through financial literacy by means of tools, skills and knowledge can greatly improve their overall well-being as well as have a significant effect on the greater society, economy and country as a whole.

“Vodacom Tanzania is pleased to be part of the GSMA Connected Women Initiative. We are committed to increase the number of women using Vodacom M-Pesa from 32% to 40% by 2020. This commitment is in line with Vodacom Group’s target to connect 50 million women in emerging markets by 2020.”

“Vodacom Tanzania has rolled out a number of initiatives to help us deliver on our commitment, including M-Pawa – our micro credit and micro savings product – which has made it possible for over 3 million users to have access to micro loans through our mobile platform; men and women who would have otherwise remained unbanked.”

– Hisham Hendi, Acting Managing Director

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