Wednesday March 25, 2020

Mobile Money Regulatory Index 2019

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The mobile money industry reached a key milestone in 2019 with more than one billion registered mobile money accounts. This is a significant development as it demonstrates that mobile money has come a long way from its roots as a value-added service of mobile network operators to being mainstreamed as a key driver of financial inclusion.

As important players in the provision of basic transactional financial services to populations largely underserved by formal financial institutions, mobile money services are subjected to a range of regulations providing much needed regulatory certainty for investors as well as outlining the providers’ obligations.

The Mobile Money Regulatory Index assesses the extent to which countries’ regulatory frameworks enable widespread mobile money adoption and usage. This report accompanies the first update of the GSMA Mobile Money Regulatory Index, a tool developed by the GSMA that provides a quantitative assessment of the regulatory environments in 90 countries.

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