Thursday January 18, 2024

Skywaves and airwaves: the case for drones in emergency response

Unmanned aerial vehicles continue to show significant promise as a future mode of transporting goods and people, while also serving as catalysts for transformative applications. Their trajectory towards early commercial adoption is propelled by advancements in drone capabilities, increased hardware availability, and the more accessible pricing of equipment.

The mobile industry is becoming increasingly intertwined with UAVs, with a growing number of operators entering the UAV services market and conducting extensive testing. The pivotal role of 5G in enhancing the performance of UAVs cannot be overstated.

This marks the commencement of a two-part Spotlight series focusing on the evolving commercial models for UAVs, driven by mobile connectivity and technologies. While the upcoming second Spotlight will delve into the application of people density data, this initial research underscores the indispensable role played by mobile operators in facilitating drone applications for emergency response. It also explores the various avenues through which these operators can monetize such applications.

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