Connected Skies: developing the natural partnership between mobile and aviation industries

The mobile ecosystem is building a valuable partnership with the aviation industry – with a particular focus on connected drones – thanks to the ubiquity, security and reliability of cellular networks. The connected sky is a major new opportunity for mobile network operators, who can enable a wide range of drone-led applications across a multitude of sectors – indeed the mobile industry is the key enabler to growth in the commercial market for connected drones. Mobile networks can be used to identify a drone, establish its location, and securely communicate with it to help mitigate privacy, safety and security risks; they also offer drones connectivity at high speed over wide areas, making cellular networks the preferred solution for connecting drones.

The GSMA represents the interests of the mobile industry in the commercial drone market, and to that effect has formed a strategic partnership with the Global UTM Association (GUTMA), in order to unlock the full value of cellular connectivity in drones. Those efforts are creating connectivity within and between ecosystems so that drones and other vehicles can safely redefine expectations of the airspace.  The GSMA and GUTMA have an agreement to work more closely together to explore the challenges, logistics and opportunities related to aerial connectivity that could see a series of recommendations that lead to the creation of new standards around the world.

Following the first edition of GUTMA’s Connected Skies conference in Portland, Oregon, GUTMA has organised a series of short public virtual Connected Skies Webinars. The goal of this virtual forum is to make the bridge between telcos and aviation industries stronger and achieve synergy between the two industries. It will bring together decision-makers and influencers from both industries in order to discuss common business opportunities and alignment on the interoperability of services, solutions and standards. Here are two key sessions we encourage you to join:

GUTMA Connected Skies Webinar: Where are MNOs Investing In Drones Today?

Thursday 26 March 2020, 17:00 – 18:00

Are you interested in learning more about the growing capabilities of mobile networks and the benefits these provide to the drone industry? Join this session to hear opinions from a wide range of mobile industry experts on how mobile communication can help improve the connected skies of the future. You have the opportunity to hear the vision from some of the mobile operators that first saw the opportunity in drones, like Skyward a Verizon company and Swisscom.

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GUTMA Connected Skies Webinar: Advanced Use Of Connectivity For Drones Operations

Wednesday 1 April 2020, 10:30 – 11:30

Mobile networks will soon allow for a vast array of new drone applications, particularly for those requiring operations beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). The effect of this newly introduced area of mobile connectivity and related services will create a new era for aviation and unmanned traffic management (UTM).  This webinar will examine a wide range of use cases where both 4G and 5G can be considered critical enablers of this burgeoning market. The webinar will provide an overview of what is done today and the potential in the near future, you will hear the point of view from both aviation (Boeing Next and ANRA Technologies) a mobile operators that are in the forefront of exploring this opportunity (China Unicom, KDDI, NTT DoCoMo).

Find out more by registering to this free Connected Skies Webinar hosted by GUTMA. This event will be moderated by Barbara Pareglio, Senior Director, IoT Technology, GSMA.

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