5G Private & Dedicated Networks

Private Mobile Networks are an exciting topic of interest for Industry 4.0 use cases. A Mobile Private Network is where network infrastructure is used exclusively by devices authorised by the end user organisation. Such a network only serves the devices assigned by the end user organisation which means there is no concern about the impact of public users on the number of devices that can be connected, or, the throughput obtained, or other network performance indicators. Coverage can also be delivered precisely where needed whether to outdoor locations such as port areas or mines, or indoor areas such as manufacturing production lines or warehousing. The functionality of a private network extends beyond capacity and coverage into areas like tailored security measures and integration with other operational or business systems belonging to the industrial enterprise.

The GSMA has worked with manufacturing companies, mobile network operators and equipment vendors to understand the benefits of these private networks, complementary (‘dedicated’) solutions based on public mobile networks, and hybrids of public/private networks. This resulting paper on private and dedicated networks considers the application of private and dedicated 5G networks to the Internet of Things in manufacturing/production and the accompanying supply chain. It looks at private and dedicated networks and their benefits, reviews a selection of use cases that benefit from these networks, outlines the range of public, dedicated and private network options available to enterprises, overviews key new features within 5G that make these networks work better for industrial applications and overviews important topics in security and spectrum.

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