5G Standalone

What is 5G Standalone?

Operators and vendors have emphasized 5G SA as the definitive version of ‘real 5G’, highlighting its pivotal role in fulfilling 5G’s promises, particularly regarding slicing, low-latency, and massive IoT capabilities crucial for enterprise services. However, the deployment progress has been slow, primarily due to known factors such as high deployment costs and an incomplete ecosystem, including a shortage of SA-compatible devices. While 5G-Advanced offers promising advancements, 5G SA stands out for its immediate and substantial value. Strategic deployment strategies can help mitigate costs, while tangible momentum in SA adoption is likely to drive broader ecosystem support from suppliers.

5G connections are expected to represent over half (51%) of mobile connections by 2029, rising to 56% by the end of the decade – making 5G the dominant connectivity technology. Discover the full suite of benefits, including Network Slicing, 5G core networks will unleash.

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