3Cinteractive Partners with the GSMA to Develop RCS

3C Interactive Partners with the GSMA to lead the Development of RCS Advanced Messaging for Businesses and Consumers

3C Interactive (3C), a leading provider of mobile technology enablement and marketing services, announced it is working with the GSMA on developing guidelines for enterprise messaging for the next-generation communications platform known as Rich Communications Services (RCS). This advanced communications service, currently being deployed by major carriers globally, will greatly enhance the messaging experience for both consumers and businesses.

Industry leaders agree that rich phone-based messaging remains central to the future of communication. According to Portio Research, people worldwide send almost 23 billion messages per day or almost 16 million messages per minute. New forms of mobile communication are delivering increasingly robust capabilities, including chat, photo sharing, payments and video calls, all of which will enable businesses to connect with their customers in new and exciting ways.

3C, a leader in enabling enterprises to engage customers via the existing SMS platforms, will work with the GSMA to enable enterprises to use the RCS advanced communications platform to engage with customers in the rich media context. This will enable businesses to use these services to seamlessly orchestrate, engage and transact with customers via a ubiquitous, secure and reliable communications channel that connects everything from information to customer service and purchases.

“RCS is essential as we are quickly becoming a messaging-first communication society, and ubiquity and interoperability will be key to adoption,” said Steve Murphy, Chief Information Officer at 3C. “RCS will enable everything from chat to conversational commerce, which will be the fundamental aspects of how consumers communicate with one another, as well as brands and their customers.”

At the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress event earlier this year, leading operators and Google announced support for a common Universal Profile for RCS.

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