5G’s Imminent Delivery to the Mass Market to be Outlined at MWC Shanghai 2018

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5G is set to transform the role of telecommunications in everyday life. Its ultrafast mobile broadband will lead to digitisation of countless functions and services: agriculture, logistics, emergency services and the infrastructure of entire cities will soon come online, with capabilities previously unimagined. We are entering an age of intelligently connected societies, and with them great leaps in economic growth and living standards. Governments around the world – especially in advanced economies – are, accordingly, demanding acceleration in 5G’s introduction.

This demand is fuelled by new commercial propositions that have developed through one of 5G’s most distinctive features – network slicing. Through network slicing operators can offer a portion of a network to specific customers, tailored to their particular requirements – effectively selling customers of a given industry a miniature network designed for them. In this way the needs of vertical industries can be met in the most efficient way possible, allowing operators to minimise costs while exchanging information on network slices with their roaming partners to facilitate service continuity across borders. Through greater utilisation of connectivity, service providers will be able to explore new commercial opportunities and increased revenue potential. It is now estimated that network slicing will contribute to a revenue opportunity of more than $300 billion by 2025: slicing now comprises a key part of the investment case for 5G.

There remain, however, plenty of questions over network slicing to address before 5G rolls out in earnest across the mass global market. These questions will be discussed in depth at this year’s Mobile World Congress Shanghai, during the Future Networks Seminar: 5G Network Slicing for Verticals, which will take place on 28 June between 14:00 and 16:15 at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel. The precise benefits to enterprises and consumers, the business model for slicing, and the work we at the GSMA are undertaking to advance 5G’s deployment will be at the top of the agenda. Leading operators from across Asia will join vendors, technical experts and industry leaders from across the ecosystem to consider the latest developments in slicing, and how these can aid in the work of vertical industries such as energy, manufacturing, automotive, gaming and entertainment. If you would like to consider the innovations and use cases accomplished in slicing so far, and the opportunities at hand for the future, please register here and join industry experts from China Mobile, Huawei, Tencent, 5GSA, Lantern, China Southern Power Grid, State Grid Corporation of China and Beckhoff.

Network slicing is developing alongside other fundamental network enhancements. In response to increasing demand for data and throughput, and In order to bring 5G’s potential to as many customers and enterprises as possible, operators now look to optimising the economics of their networks by supporting lower a cost per byte than existing network infrastructure, thus allowing customers the option for huge data capacities.

With the economics of 5G’s delivery now well under way, we can begin already to see the fruit of the industry’s work. The GSMA recently undertook research on the state of play in the United States, where the first commercial services in 5G will launch later this year. US operators agree that 5G will soon deliver an increasingly integrated mobile audio/visual experience for their customers, bringing augmented reality and virtual reality to far larger numbers of consumers, alongside industrial applications such as automation and AI. With 5G now forecast to reach 100 million mobile connections across the US in 2023 – and then become the leading mobile technology there by 2025 – the world will be watching this process closely as it plays out. The market contexts vary across regions, but the fundamentals of the business model for 5G are the same everywhere – and they are now largely agreed across the industry. We anticipate the results of this collaboration keenly – join us in Mobile World Congress Shanghai and help shape Asia’s mobile future.


Click here to pre-register your place at the 5G Network Slicing Summit at MWC Shanghai 2018.