Join the Network 2020 Programme at MWC Shanghai 2015

Join the Network 2020 Programme at this year’s Mobile World Congress Shanghai where the team will be showcasing the next generation of All-IP communications.

Network 2020 at MWC Shanghai 2015

The conference at MWC Shanghai is an exclusive programme showcasing the innovation and vision of the mobile industry, and provides senior industry professionals the unlimited possibilities of mobile. Over two days, the conference will feature thought-provoking presentations from the mobile industry’s most influential executives, who will share their visions of the mobile industry while providing essential insights on mobile trends.

Keynote: The Road to 5G – Thursday, 16 July 2015 09:15-10:45 Auditorium A – Grand Shanghai Ballroom 2

With international standards still to be set and initial commercial trials not expected until 2020, there is still some time to wait before the arrival of 5G. In the meantime, 4G technologies will continue to drive the convergence of the IT and telco worlds, transforming mobile networks and the way in which mobile operators deploy new and existing services.

Join CEOs from across the mobile ecosystem as they share their vision for 5G and discuss how the mobile industry can achieve the ambitious targets it has set for itself.

Network Evolution: Virtualising the Network – Thursday, 16 July 2015 13:45–15:00 Auditorium B – Pudong 3

LTE enabled all-IP networks are transforming the way in which mobile operators plan future network deployments and upgrades as well as the provision of new and existing services. NFV and SDN promise to improve efficiencies of scale within the network while minimising the impact of upgrades, allowing operators to better meet the challenges posed by the incredible speed of service innovation we are seeing today. Unlike previous network generations however, the path to the successful implementation of these technologies within mobile networks remains unclear.

Listen to industry leaders as they discuss how networks are being virtualised today.

5G Leadership in the Asia Pacific Region – Thursday, 16 July 2015 15:30–16:45 Auditorium C – Pudong 4

Promising a tenfold increase in data transmission speeds compared to current 4G capabilities but also so much more besides, the as yet undefined 5G standard is already an important agenda item for telecom operators worldwide. Without undermining existing network investments, early movers in Japan and South Korea are among those vying for 5G leadership, with the first commercial trials anticipated between 2018 and 2020 to coincide with the Olympic Games. This important session will demonstrate learnings from the latest 5G trials and updates on deployment plans in the Asia Pacific region.

For more information about the main conference agenda, please see

 Network 2020 Demonstrations in the Innovation City

Come and join the Network 2020 Programme in the GSMA’s Innovation City at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015, where you will be immersed in the story of the connected life. Meet Anna, Terrence, Lily and Wangwei, 4 modern characters in Asia whose lives are enhanced by a rich, connected world of new innovations, products and services brought to them by leaders in the mobile industry.

Visit the Network 2020 exhibition in the Innovation City to speak to an industry expert. You will also be able to witness demonstrations from NewNet, Huawei, Comverse, Summit Tech and China Mobile, with the latest technologies and applications.

Using the background scene of a railway terminal you will find us located on Stand no: W4.E138 where you will experience:

• In the world of IP Communications, how cars can become secondary devices for end users with the capabilities of VoLTE and RCS, Summit Tech’s demo will offer a compact version of the full-blown car demo that was showcased in the MWC Barcelona 2015. This will include placing and receiving calls, accessing data from network address books and demonstration of the drive-through use case of how RCS based payments and VoLTE calling can simplify the user experience.

• Huawei will be demonstrating a convergent conference solution over VoLTE and an innovative RCS based car maintenance system which showcases the capabilities of data share, video and location share between user and operation centre.

• Designed to leverage RCS and VoLTE services and create new revenue opportunities, Comverse are showing ComverseSOHO which has two main components: SOHO4 Business aimed at enabling businesses managing all their interactions with their customers and SOHO4Consumers that enables users to search, message and share media as well more advanced capabilities such as gifting, making reservations and mobile payments.

• Newnet will be demonstrating LTE+RCS and WebRTC functionality, including voice interoperability between Web,PC, and WebRTC clients in both embedded and downloadable forms.

We look forward to seeing you at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015, make sure you find the time to visit us at the Innovation City, stand W4.E138. See you there!