All-IP Business Guide showcased at MWC Shanghai 2015

A new online and fully interactive guide to All-IP communications was demonstrated by the GSMA’s Network 2020 Programme for the first time at MWC Shanghai 2015. Considerable interest was shown in this innovative development which enables GSMA members to intuitively find resources quickly and easily to assist with an All-IP services launch. It works by establishing first the overall job function of the individual user and then where they are on their All-IP implementation journey. Having done this it then identifies the most relevant resources available and provides links to quickly take them there. This was very much an early demonstration of the Guide’s capabilities (a full version of the programme is due to be made available to GSMA members later in the year) and feedback on the concept so far has been very positive.

Home page of the All-IP Business Guide


Identifying a technical resource in the All-IP Business Guide