SMS reinvents itself with RCS, 5G and 4G connected street furniture to be showcased at the GSMA Innovation City

Mobile networks are undergoing the most fundamental transformation in a generation. Advanced Messaging through RCS and an emerging 5G have the potential to enable services which vastly improve the customer experience and support the rise of new technologies. Significant improvements to network speeds and the creation of new, sophisticated messaging platforms will allow businesses to communicate more regularly with consumers and with individually tailored messages. Those most likely to reap the benefits of these emerging network technologies and capitalize on the opportunities will be those who have an early understanding of their capabilities.

We are pleased to confirm that next week, attendees will have the chance to experience the future of Operator Messaging at the GSMA Innovation City at this year’s Mobile World Congress. One of the event’s most consistently popular attractions, the City is renowned for exhibiting cutting edge mobile technology.

The GSMA’s Network 2020 and its lead operators will be the focal point of the City, showcasing the upgrade from SMS to RCS, Chatbots and 5G. Offering an expansive range of demos, we invite guests to meet Deutsche Telecom, Google, Jio, Orange, Vodafone and Telenor to explore the impact RCS is having on consumers and what the future will bring,  and meet with leading 5G researchers.

5G-focused features will include the ‘Tactile Internet’ – how transmission of sense of touch via 5G networks can provide remote application feedback – which will demonstrate how a remote drawing robot to illustrate key ways in which the technology can enable the telecoms industry to engage with an array of quickly evolving vertical markets such as telesurgery and connected cars.

The impact of 5G on the automotive industry will also be explored through a ‘sliced’ networks demonstration showing how the network can be broken down into distinct segments to support different speed and bandwidth requirements, such as infotainment and diagnostics. Jaguar Land Rover will showcase its most advanced infotainment system to date in its recently-launched Jaguar F-PACE. With advanced features including flight tracking and weather at destination, the F-PACE’s state-of-the-art InControl Touch Pro system is an indication of the transformative effect of 5G technology will have across the sector.

5G’s impact on gaming will also be unveiled by ‘predictive preloading’ research from the team at King’s College London and developer Rooplay, who will offer a seamless 5G gaming experience in the form of their cloud-based gaming platform. Attendees will be invited to take part in the brand’s 5G online race track, and experience their use of 5G to revolutionise the world of mobile gaming.

The GSMA Innovation City will also be showcasing one of mobile’s eagerly anticipated developments: RCS built on a single specification – the GSMA’s Universal Profile.

At its core, RCS is enabling the next wave of business messaging and chatbots. Google will showcase Google Messenger – a service which is market ready and being deployed by operators today. Using Jibe Private Cloud Service, Deutsche Telekom will also show how the GSMA’s Universal Profile underpins RCS on their Greek Network. The demonstration illustrates the rich, consistent and interoperable messaging experience between the DT Message+ Apps and the Google Client.

Such communications will unlock new and innovative ways in which business can communicate with their customers. In the City, Open Market and Virgin Trains will demonstrate how this technology is being used to reduce the stress of travel. 3C Interactive and Walgreens meanwhile will also demonstrate how they have adopted the technology to enhance the retail experience by enabling customers to print photographs in-store.

Capping off the Advanced communications experience will be JCDecaux’s innovative mobile-enabled connected bus shelter which will exhibit how LTE Broadcast technology offers increased network capacity via small cell technology and how it can be integrated with urban environments to deliver dynamic advertising and blue light service support to share incident information.

With 5G and Advanced Messaging set to transform industries, businesses and lifestyles, Network 2020’s demonstrations at the GSMA Innovation City promise invaluable insight into the developments and initiatives that will fuel the transition the world of next generation communications.

Location: Stand 4A10/4A30, Hall 4, Fira Gran Via. The GSMA Innovation City is open to all pass holders from 08:30, Monday 27th Feb to Thursday 2nd March 2017.