Full accreditation for LG, Samsung and Sony

LG, Samsung and Sony have received full accreditation to CPR (Crane Priority Release) at the recent Meta test event in Dusseldorf. CPR includes features of RCS and Enriched Calling and enables end-users to access a revolutionary call and message experience. These successful accreditations demonstrate the interoperability and quality of the implementation.

What happened?

The Meta test event ran from 22 February to 24 March 2016 and was hosted by Network 2020 at the request of German operators. The event brought together different parts of the eco-system to prove the quality and readiness of devices and networks to CPR, prior to their commercial launch.

The participants collaborated in an intensive and highly interactive test event. Handset manufacturers brought their CPR implementations, while operators and a hosted solution provider enabled access to their environments, reference clients, resources and support. The participants then progressed through structured IOT (interoperability and testing), QC (quality check) and UX (user-experience) verification test scenarios during the event.


  • Four device providers, two network operators, two reference client providers, and one hosted solution provider took part with overall representation of at least 40 people.
  • 3,924 test cases executed1 in 66 test configurations. 437 issues raised in the JIRA issue logging and tracking tool.
  • Full Accreditation to CPR was awarded to:
    • LG on 1 April 2016;
    • Samsung on 24 March 2016; and
    • Sony on 4 April 2016.
  • Provisional Accreditations to CPR were awarded to:
    • Deutsche Telekom on 12 April 2016;
    • Vodafone on 6 April 2016; and
    • WIT on 1 April 2016.
  • Accreditation Ready status was awarded to the Google hosted solution on 6 April 2016
    Note 1: excludes regression tests and informal UX tests executed.

What next?

The lessons learned and results are published in the formal CPR Meta report and will be used to ensure effective future implementations of CPR and executions of subsequent test events.

The CPR Meta test event also proved the set of test cases which need to be updated and formally communicated on to the Global Certification Forum or GCF.

Change Requests to the Implementation Guidelines and to RCC20 were also identified. These will be issued and formally adopted in-line with due processes.

The CPR accreditation framework is now in preparation and this will be launched on 13 May 2016. This will enable other vendors to test using the approved CPR test set and submit their results for CPR accreditation.

And finally, the GSMA Network 2020 team continues to support all CPR Meta participants to complete accreditation to CPR.

Find out more:

Accreditation and certification

Thank you:

GSMA would like to thank all the participants for making the event such a success:

  • Device providers:
    • HTC
    • LG
    • Samsung
    • Sony
  • Test networks/environments:
    • Deutsche Telekom
    • Google
    • Vodafone
  • Reference client providers:
    • WIT (Vodafone network)
    • Deutsche Telekom (Deutsche Telekom network)
  • Product Group