AGENDA – GSMA Future Networks Seminar: A New Global Platform for Conversations, Chatbots & Commerce

Where: Jumeriah Himalayas Hotel, Level 2 Ru Room

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09:30 – 09:40


  • The year ahead for RCS & Future Networks Programme focus

David O’Byrne

IP Communications Project Director, GSMA

09:40 – 9:50

Introduction to your seminar Moderator

Sherrie Huang

Lead Analyst, Analysys Mason: Asia-Pacific Research Programme


9:50 – 10:05

RCS – Last chance to get into messaging blue ocean

  • What does RCS messaging enable and how it impacts the market.
  • New market created: expected market size and deployment realisation.

Yunsang Park

Senior Vice President and Group Leader of Product & Service Innovation at Samsung Mobile Communications Division, Samsung


10:05 – 10:20

Framing the Operator messaging space:

  • GSMA’s Universal Profile 2.0: What does this mean for the market?
  • Recent announcements: What can the industry expect to see?
  • Understanding how Interconnect is key to delivering an enriched messaging experience to billions of people

Dr Petja Heimbach

Vice President of Communication (IDU-COM), Deutsche Telekom

10:20 – 10:40

Fireside Chat: Dr Petja Heimbach and Sherrie Huang discuss successful RCS launches

  • Analysing the difference between the RCS and SMS operator journey
  • Solving Interoperability
  • What advantages have been gained and the challenges faced


10:40 – 10:55 

New Platform, New Ecosystem

  • The benefit of RCS and MaaP for mobile users
  • How RCS can bring an intelligent and secure experience


Zhu Jinyun

CEO Cloud of Computing & IT Product Operations, ZTE Corporation


10:55 – 11:15

RCS messaging for brands

  • How RCS is changing how brands and customers interact with each other
  • What is Conversational Commerce and how to benefit from it?
  • Demo – showing how RCS and MaaP enhances user experience

Steve Murphy

CIO,  3Cinteractive

11:15 – 12:00

Members of the panel will share their perspectives followed on the following topics, followed by an audience Q&A:

  • What are the foreseen changes in the market?
  • What new technologies should market-players prepare for?
  • What is the strategic vision moving forward?
  • How do we scale?
  • What are enterprises looking for from RCS?


  • Phil Carter, Programme Manager, Google
  • Dr Petja Heimbach, Vice President of Next Generation Communications, Deutsche Telekom
  • Yunsang Park, Senior Vice President and Group Leader of Product & Service
  • Mr.Zhu Jinyun , CEO Cloud of Computing & IT Product Operations, ZTE Corporation
  • Wendi Cai, Communication Service Planner, Huawei



We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai!