MWC23 Las Vegas – 5G Futures Summit

MWC23 Las Vegas – 5G Futures Summit

Start: Tuesday 26 September 2023 14:30

End: Tuesday 26 September 2023 17:30

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center

Location: Theatre W225, Level 2

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In less than four years from standardisation, 5G adoption has accelerated and roll out is now in full swing. The 5G Era began to scale in 2020, and now in 2023 5G has launched in 98 countries and deployed by 256 Operators – that covers 50% of global markets and as of today over a third of the global population. It’s now resulted in over 640 million 5G connections and a skyrocketing 2 billion connections expected by 2024; 5G could become the fastest adopted mobile technology in history.

5G networks are constantly evolving through mobile technology innovations, which in turn is enabling scale at pace, improved economics of networks at scale, enhanced coverage, and improved connectivity performance and Operator capability.

In 2023, to meet the mobile user demands, the GSMA is focused on emerging 5G capabilities such as the 5G Era advances; 5G mmWave, 5G Standalone, 5G-Advanced capabilities including 5G New Calling, utilisation of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning to optimise and balance user demands, exposing network capabilities to the growing Cloud Infrastructure developer communities to improve the mobile customer experience across all industry sectors.


5G Futures Summit Platinum Sponsor: Wipro

5G Futures Summit Gold Sponsor: NTT DOCOMO, Radisys 

5G Futures Summit agenda

The 5G Futures Summit will bring together leading industry experts to explain and discuss:

  • How 5G will evolve over the next couple of years
  • Which customer 5G solutions will deliver value and drive growth
  • How the evolution of the global Open Gateway Platform has created new market opportunities, adding value beyond connectivity
  • Open Infrastructure and the importance of Interoperable OpenRAN in enabling 5G scaling
  • The full value of 5G-Advanced to enhance 5G networks, before the advent of 6G
Join us from 2pm (PDT) for coffee, refreshments and registration.


Session 1: 5G: adding value beyond connectivity with Open Gateway

Time: 14:30 – 15:25

Moderator: Henry Calvert

Session overview:

In the 5G era, mobile operators have a tremendous opportunity to capitalise on the full potential of their networks. The GSMA Open Gateway initiative has captured widespread attention and received strong backing from more than 60% of global mobile operators, all united in their effort to create universal access to operator networks for developers and streamline data services for consumers. However, as the initiative advances, a crucial aspect to consider is how value will be created for operators in their go-to-market strategies. In this discussion, we will delve into potential profitable Open Gateway business models, the business justifications for this, and projected future value.


Session 2: Powering the next wave of innovation with 5G-SA-Advanced

Time: 15:30 – 16:25

Moderator: Barbara Pareglio

Session overview:

The second phase of the 3GPP 5G standardisation process is set to unleash a new era of innovations with the advent of 5G Advanced. This revolutionary advancement will empower operators to create a more conducive environment for the widespread adoption of 5G SA services. These services encompass an array of transformative features, including network slicing, edge computing, and the vast realm of massive IoT.

As these new capabilities are added to those enabled since 4G and 5G NSA, we need practical ways to tap into and monetize them. This session will test that notion with a few working examples shedding light on avenues for monetisation of the full array of capabilities in our modern networks from 4G to 5G NSA and the emerging new realm of 5G Advanced and its standalone capabilities.


Session 3: Unlocking a world of opportunity with Open RAN

Time: 16:30 – 17:30

Session overview:

In the past three years, 5G adoption has accelerated, covering over a third of the world’s population. While most networks are non-standalone, there’s a growing trend of deploying standalone 5G networks for new revenue possibilities and emerging capabilities like XR and AR.

However, realizing the full potential of use-cases and automation requires 5G NR SA, resulting in significant capital expenditure. Open RAN standards bring flexibility and efficiency by disaggregating hardware and software.

Despite potential benefits, Open RAN faces challenges in TCO, power efficiency, performance, integration complexity, and maintenance with multi-vendor solutions.

Nonetheless, the industry believes Open RAN is the way forward, requiring collaboration, network automation using AI/ML, and digital-twin technologies to overcome challenges.

As the Open RAN ecosystem evolves, TCO is expected to decrease with cloud-based infrastructure and a separation of hardware and software supply chains. System Integrators play a role in reducing TCO with integration test labs and AI/ML automation solutions. Join this session as we explore how a new world of opportunities can be unlocked with Open RAN.


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