Expert Spotlight: Unlocking the Full Potential of 5G

It is estimated that by 2025 mobile technologies and services will contribute almost $5 trillion to the global economy and there will be 1.8 billion 5G connections. As stakeholders benefit from the improvements in productivity and efficiency that result from the increased take-up of very high-speed mobile services, 5G mmWave forms an important element of the 5G technology mix.

In these spotlight interviews, industry experts from Bell Labs Consulting/Nokia, Qualcomm Communications, Signals Research Group, Verizon, ZTE and GSMA Intelligence answer questions around the potential and opportunities of 5G.


Stephen Rose, Senior Partner, Global Head Telco Practice, Bell Labs Consulting, Nokia


Philippe Poggianti, VP Business Development, Qualcomm Communications


Michael Thelander, President and Founder, Signals Research Group


Brian Mecum, VP Device Technology, Verizon


Yang Shen, Senior Solution Architect, ZTE


Federico Agnoletto, Senior Economist, GSMA Intelligence


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