Wednesday February 9, 2022

High Altitude Platform Systems: Towers in the Skies (Version 2.0)

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Uncrewed High-Altitude Platform (HAPS) could bring connectivity to areas that are either not covered, or are only partially covered, by terrestrial cellular networks. HAPS has the potential to provide services to citizens and positively contribute to global digital inclusion. The white paper goes in more depth to explore the economic and technical boundary conditions for terrestrial roll outs for several use cases scenarios for greenfield, whitespots, Fixed Wireless Access, Disaster Response, Private Networks and Coverage over the Sea. The analysis provides some characteristics for each of the use case scenarios that Mobile Operators regard as relevant for deploying or expanding their networks. The information is for helping HAPS providers to understand the view of Mobile Operators. The paper also highlights unique challenges and characteristics in different countries, with geographical, social, cultural and economic conditions that make traditional network deployment non-economically viable in some scenarios.

In addition, Version 2.0 of this white paper provides a high-level overview of some of the available HAPS solutions.


The white paper has been created thanks to the following contributing mobile operators:

Supporting mobile operators:

Platform providers:

And Industry Organisations:


Interested to join us and help further study and consider the HAPS opportunity?  

The GSMA calling on telcos to help further study and consider HAPS opportunity into their future networks, while working with aerospace players to drive technical innovation in aircraft design and support systems to develop a sustainable carrier platform for telecoms payloads.

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