Wednesday September 27, 2023

Watch on-demand: 5G New Calling – Revolutionising Communication Services

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5G New Calling Revolutionising Communication Services

Watch the GSMA Webinar “5G New Calling Revolutionising Communication Services” on demand here.

Key takeaways:

  • The launch of the 5G New Calling Whitepaper as presented by Wayne Cutler
  • 5GNC use cases
  • Standardisation progress in support of 5GNC
  • Product readiness and evolution to support 5GNC
  • 5GNC proof of concepts/pre-commercial trials


Session Description  

By leveraging multimedia capabilities, 5G New Calling enables immersive voice experiences across operators and international boundaries. It goes beyond traditional voice services by incorporating intelligent video and extended reality (XR) techniques, eliminating the need for separate downloads or apps. This technology offers real-time, reliable, and secure communication with quality of service assurance. It also presents innovative services and optimisations of existing business processes, providing mobile network operators with valuable service opportunities that work in tandem with over-the-top (OTT) communication applications. 

In June 2023, global operators, device suppliers, terminal chip vendors, industry partners, content providers, and more participated in the GSMA 5GNC Industrial Roundtable at MWC23 Shanghai. This roundtable explored New Calling in terms of development direction, challenges, opportunities, and ecosystem construction and the shared practices and future plans on how to promote the prosperity of New Calling.  

The session has centred around the launch of the new 5G New Calling whitepaper, bringing together insights shared from MWC23 Shanghai and industrial use cases that have been released to date. Expert speakers from various sectors of the ecosystem who are advancing with 5G New Calling will offer their value perspective in the form of keynote presentations and engage in discussions where we will invite questions from the audience on the topic.

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