IP Services

5G-Advanced will play an important role bridging from 5G to 6G with new features previously not standardised in 3GPP. New feature will be developed in Release-18 in 2024.

What is IP Services in networks?

From the evolution of 5G networks to the widespread adoption of RCS Business Messaging, all-IP technology continues to redefine the mobile experience for consumers worldwide.

Telecommunication operators, device manufacturers, network vendors, and ecosystem partners are actively embracing the opportunities presented by an all-IP world. By leveraging the power of 5G and advanced IP-based communication technologies, they are enabling innovative services, enhanced connectivity, and seamless experiences across devices and platforms.

As the mobile landscape evolves, the shift towards all-IP networks and services remains a cornerstone of industry innovation and transformation. Embracing this paradigm shift, stakeholders are capitalising on the agility, efficiency, and scalability of all-IP technology to unlock new opportunities, drive revenue growth, and deliver unparalleled value to consumers.


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