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What is all-IP interconnection?

IP interconnection is the physical linking of an operator’s IP network with the IP equipment or facilities that belong to another operator’s network. It will allow customers to make an IP call, enabling all the features of enriched calling, to another subscriber on another IP network. It is the linking of two or more operators’ networks, either domestically within a country or internationally, so that the calls remain entirely on IP network infrastructure and do not fall back to older legacy services during call routing.

Who can benefit from all-IP interconnection?

What are the benefits of all-IP interconnection?

If IP-communications can be interconnected successfully, they will:

How the GSMA is assisting with all-IP interconnection

The GSMA has developed a tool to facilitate the creation of IP-interconnection between parties; this template; assisted in the successful establishment of IP-interconnection between network operator in Denmark, Kuwait, Mexico & Russia.

Refer to NG118, download the latest version from the GSMA Newsroom resources page.

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