Operators drive innovation across a variety of sectors

Operators continue to innovate and support different industry verticals with their network infrastructure and through collaborations. Vodafone Group hailed the potential of a Nokia-pioneered internet technology (L4S) as a game-changer for broadband latency, a development it stated could act as the foundation for remote healthcare and industrial uses. Separately, Vodafone has also teamed up with Digital Catapult to open a 5G immersive laboratory in the UK, designed to help local startups overcome digital barriers.

Meanwhile, supporting government efforts, Virgin Media O2 Business has been selected by the UK’s Office for National Statistics as a strategic partner to provide mobility data. The anonymised data will be used to support governmental work at national and local levels, providing insights that reveal population dynamics, travel patterns and other movement trends.

The growing portfolio of enterprise solutions helps operators to link digital transformation with 5G, networks and connectivity. For most operators, 5G, AI and IoT drive their enterprise strategies, and these are bound to grow within and across industries over the coming years.

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