Operator Platform Group

Bringing together developers, operators, platform providers and the broader ecosystem to transform operator’s exposed edge and network services and create the level of commonality required to achieve global, interoperable scale. If you would like to participate in our Operator Platform Group, learn more about GSMA pre-commercial trials, events and more, contact.

What is the GSMA Operator platform Group?

The Operator Platform defines a common platform exposing operator services/capabilities to customers/developers in the 5G-era in a connect once, connect to many models. The first phase of the platform focuses on Edge which will be expanded in future phases with other capabilities such as connectivity, slicing and IPComms.

The main objective is the standardisation of a common federation interface that expands the operator’s footprint and also unifies the external integration and exposure, allowing operators to offer their services or collaborate with hyperscalers and other service providers. The first release of edge requirements for the Operator Platform has now been documented by the Operator Platform Group and are available on the GSMA website. The focus will now be to bring services to market.

In addition, a number of trials and POCs are taking place under the TEC Forum initiative to support the work on the Operator Platform, including leading operators and application developers. The insights from these trails are used to update the definition work, and by working simultaneously, will result in real-world learnings adopted as part of the solution.

The Operator Platform Group is open to all interested parties in the ecosystem and brings together operators, platform developers, edge cloud providers, Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs), Open Source Projects, industry for a and market participants.