Thursday March 24, 2022

MWC22 Barcelona Security Summit Catch Up

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Sponsored by Palo Alto Networks and Kaspersky, the Security Summit, on Tuesday 1 March 2022 on the Industry City Stage brought together luminaries from across the industry to discuss the key 5G network security challenges and solutions. The summit specifically focuses on how the industry is addressing these challenges – enabling businesses to use the unleashed connectivity that the 5G era brings and rely on the security within 5G networks to protect businesses and consumers alike. 

5G networks are creating exciting new opportunities for businesses to innovate their products and services, delivering feature-rich network capabilities that will enable every more compelling service for consumers. The global deployment of 5G is certain to continue the industry megatrend of embedding mobile communications into the very fabric of society. Alongside these greater opportunities will always be greater risks from those that will try to attack and compromise services and infrastructure.  

Watch the full sessions from MWC22 Barcelona below: 

Session 1: 5G Security Revolution

In this session, global security experts shared their insights on how 5G will enable our future connected world, discussed new ways to overcome the key challenges of securing 5G services and talked about how the industry will ensure 5G lives up to society’s security expectations. 


Session 2: 5G Network Diversification and Supply Chain Security

In this session, a panel of industry experts discussed the drivers for network equipment security and resilience and the need for network equipment supply chain security, reviewed the industry and government-led security assurance initiatives and explored initiatives that aim to grow a diverse ecosystem of network equipment suppliers.


Session 3: Reviewing the 2022 Security Landscape

In this session, we reviewed the key security topics contained in the recent GSMA report, explaining their impact on mobile networks and describing how the industry is working to mitigate these risks.


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