T-ISAC Benefits

One organisation’s detection is another’s prevention

Being part of a global telecommunication community that communicates cyber risk related data and best practice with each other, in a trusted environment, is one of the main benefits of joining T-ISAC. 

To facilitate this interaction T-ISAC is committed to providing its members with a variety of opportunities to engage within the T-ISAC community and with industry experts. As well as hosting solutions to support secure intelligence sharing; technical and nontechnical, you can also look forward to a regular yearly calendar of events and training. 

As we are member-driven, we encourage our members to share what they are seeing in real-time to allow for a coordinated and measured response. Being part of T-ISAC means your organisation can take an active role in the advancement of cybersecurity for the telecommunication sector. 

If you are part of the mobile ecosystem, discover why you should join GSMA T-ISAC and help protect telecommunications from cyber threats 

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