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The GSMA WRC Series – getting ready for 2019

19 September 2017

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To keep up with demands for higher speeds and better coverage mobile operators need more spectrum. Whether they get it or not, is in part based on decisions made at the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC). An event the GSMA WRC …


Making the 3.5 GHz range more 5G-friendly in the U.S.

07 September 2017

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For operators to be able to keep up with growing data and coverage demands new spectrum for mobile broadband is needed. The 3.5 GHz IMT range has become a primary contender for underpinning the first 5G networks. Expanding and making …

Improving rural connectivity in Southeast Asia

23 August 2017

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Closing the digital divide is a high priority for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is key to the association’s plan to provide affordable rural connectivity. Mobile broadband has grown significantly in the past few years. In part, …

The risks associated with Wholesale Open Access Networks

07 August 2017

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Wholesale Open Access Networks are perhaps not the solution that is claimed. The goals are often ambitious when governments want to build a single wholesale network (SWN) or a wholesale open access network (WOAN) instead of relying upon competing mobile …

MWC Shanghai event highlights 5G collaboration

20 July 2017

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For the second year running, the GSMA’s spectrum team organised the “5G Spectrum and Policy Forum” at MWC Shanghai. This year it attracted almost 150 people, underscoring 5G momentum in Asia. Representatives from regulators, mobile operators and vendors highlighted the …

Policies for 5G and the Gigabit Society

20 June 2017

Europe is at a crossroads. With 5G comes an opportunity to empower citizens and businesses using widespread ultra-fast connectivity. The mobile industry is ready to step up and deliver 5G and the Gigabit Society. But they can’t do it on …

Why you should learn more about mobile spectrum

24 April 2017

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To increase awareness, the GSMA has produced two booklets and a dictionary about mobile spectrum. Together they provide an introduction to mobile spectrum and how to manage it. Another important topic covered is the challenge posed by growing data usage. …

An Introduction to the WRC process

24 February 2017

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This booklet helps people with no previous knowledge understand the WRC (World Radio Conference) process. How to influence and get involved in the very important preparatory work. As well as how to make the most of attending the conference. WRCs take …

Effective Spectrum Pricing

22 February 2017

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The GSMA has published ‘Effective Spectrum Pricing’, a research report on spectrum pricing, including the impact on consumers. The report, developed in collaboration with NERA Economic Consulting, links high spectrum prices to more expensive, lower quality mobile broadband services. It …

The Digital Migration Process in Kenya

02 February 2017

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This case study takes an in-depth look at the digital television migration in Kenya. It provides useful information and guidance to regulators and policymakers from other countries where similar migration processes are ongoing or being planned. In Kenya, as in …

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