Forge Partnerships and Experience Technology at MWC

For those looking for engaging technology at MWC, the GSMA Foundry showcase is a must

MWC is the single greatest event for experiencing a mass showcase of technology products capable of transforming everyday life. Perhaps the best example of this within the event is our very own Foundry showcase at the GSMA Pavilion in Hall 4 – a unique array of smart solutions hand-picked for their potential to create commercial and social impact. The GSMA Foundry is where industry experts collaborate and fast track their new or existing projects and help solve real-life challenges, using the latest technology. The GSMA Foundry Innovation Showcase proves to be one of the most popular areas across the whole event and a perfect place to forge new business. We anyone from the wider industry not to miss-out and see the latest in technology by visiting our demonstrations listed below.

The 5G IoT Pro Football Challenge

This interactive demo arranged by BeWhere use the high-throughput and low latency of 5G to assess and relay the reaction time, speed and accuracy of sports personnel. In this immersive simulation, we give you the chance to play and enjoy the Beautiful Game – but this time with a glimpse into how the experience will be transformed with the widespread availability of precise performance data.

5G Catalonia – Immersive Learning with Bidirectional Holograms

With remote learning on the rise, organisations are putting more thought and investment into how we teach and learn. In this spirit, Cellnex have examined how remote learning could become more immersive and natural. Through 5G Catalunya technology, they’ve made it possible to transmit a large volume of data in real-time, opening up huge potential for experience immersive communication services. In their demonstration at MWC, they’ll use 5G to create bidirectional holography to provide a new sense of presence and immediacy to remote learning – something until now imagined only in fiction.

Connect the Unconnected with Aerostats

Providing connectivity to the remote and unconnected parts of the world remains a priority for the mobile industry – and thanks to World Mobile, we could be a huge step closer to this objective. Their innovative, Aerostats use unpowered balloons to provide connectivity to the world’s most inaccessible and geographically prohibitive territories. By tethering them to the ground with a high-speed fibre connection, mobile services can be deployed over large areas to cover sparse populations and enhanced coverage at sea. This solution has the potential to reach millions of people who are not served with mobile internet and could be key to driving social change.

5G – Enabling Enterprise Drones to Fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight

The drone market is now well and truly off the ground with aerial vehicles deployed across the globe in various applications such as precision farming, delivery and emergency response. Expanding on these early successes are crucial to bringing beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drones to other wakes of life.

In this exhibition, Ericsson Drone Mobility and TDC NET have partnered to showcase the ground-breaking work in the GSMA Foundry project ‘5G – Enabling Enterprise Drones to fly BVLOS’. The project seeks to accelerate the development and adoption of new applications by providing common guidelines for regulators to consider and rules which enable mobile operators to use their network intelligence to the fullest extent.

5G MEC powered XR Digital Twin Store

This demonstration unveils the future of retail by using 5G to enable new ways of interacting in shopping environments. Partners Sturfee and Mawari, with operators KDDI and Telefónica, have envisioned how XR technologies can create an engaging remote retail experience based on establishing ‘co-presence’: the feeling of being together in a place, despite being separated by great distance.

The IoT exhibition will feature a remote user experience where a shopper in a physical store is joined by a remote shop assistant. In this scenario, the assistant and shopper can interact with each other’s digital twin, and can communicate as easily and clearly as if they were both present in a regular brick and mortar store.

GSMA 5G Industry Challenge

As well as our supported demonstrations, the Foundry is also pleased to be recognising and awarding key innovations at this year’s event. The GSMA 5G Industry Challenge recognises the best 5G solutions for key early-adopter markets. Industry leaders were encouraged to participate in an open global communications campaign in 2022 with the objective of sharing 5G solution best practice, the demonstrable value of 5G and the growth in 5G global adoption. The challenge has now been closed and six award winners will be announced at MWC23 – you can view more innovative 5G case studies on the GSMA 5G Transformation Hub.

GSMA Foundry Info Hub

The GSMA Foundry is the industry platform for cross-industry collaboration and business development, where GSMA members and industry players come together to rapidly develop technological solutions to industry challenges, nurture new ideas through initial commercial trials and scale proven solutions at a regional and global level to forge our digital future.

Meet our team at the GSMA Foundry Info Hub at MWC23 where we can show you how to submit your new and existing projects for consideration in the GSMA Foundry, and provide examples of existing success stories to date.

If you are interested in finding out if the project you are working on could become part of GSMA Foundry, and eligible for future exhibition showcases at GSMA events in 2023 and beyond, contact us at or find out more here.