MWC Barcelona 2023 – GSMA Foundry Innovation Showcase

MWC Barcelona 2023 – GSMA Foundry Innovation Showcase

Start: Monday 27 February 2023 09:00

End: Thursday 2 March 2023 16:00

Venue: Fira Gran Via, Hall 4

Location: Barcelona

09:00 – 19:00 on Monday 27th February, Tuesday 28th February, Wednesday 1st March  | 09:00 – 16:00 on Thursday 2nd March | GSMA Pavilion, Hall 4 


Highlights include: 


The 5G IoT Pro Football Challenge

Join us at the GSMA Pavilion in Hall 4 to test and develop your football skills! This interactive demo will assess your reaction times, speed and accuracy as you participate in an immersive match-realistic simulation.


5G Catalonia – Immersive Learning with Bidirectional Holograms

To explore how remote learning could become more immersive and natural, the 5G Catalunya technology makes it possible to transmit a large volume of data in real-time, so we will be able to experience immersive communication services.

Connectivity through bidirectional holography, providing a sense of presence and immediacy, will improve the quality of interaction compared to other forms of distance learning.

Visit the demo at MWC23 to find out more! This is part of the GSMA Foundry project “5G Catalonia”.


Connecting the Unconnected with Aerostats

Remote and previously unconnected areas can now be reached, thanks to the dynamic design of the World Mobile network, adapting the approach and technologies they use to the unique challenges of each region. One of these technologies is their aerostats – unpowered balloons that provide connectivity in a wide area and are tethered to the ground with a high-speed fibre connection. Mobile Services can be deployed using Aerostats to cover sparse populations over large areas economically and enhanced coverage at sea. The potential is to reach millions of people who are not served with Mobile or Internet services.

Find us at the GSMA Pavilion in Hall 4, view a scale model of an Aerostat and find out more about how this connectivity works.


5G – Enabling Enterprise Drones to Fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Drones are today being deployed across multiple use cases like inspections, precision farming, delivering lifesaving supplies or acting as first responders in accidents. We know if we can overcome the challenges to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), drones can help us build a sustainable tomorrow.

Ericsson Drone Mobility along with TDC NET are partnering to showcase the ground-breaking work in the GSMA Foundry project “5G – Enabling Enterprise Drones to fly BVLOS”. The project will help the drone ecosystem to develop common guidelines, for regulators to consider similar rules and for mobile operators to leverage their network intelligence.


GSMA 5G Industry Challenge

The GSMA 5G Industry Challenge recognises the best 5G solutions for key early adopter markets. Industry leaders were encouraged to participate in an open global communications campaign in 2022 with the objective of sharing 5G solution best practice, the demonstrable value of 5G and the growth in 5G global adoption. The challenge has now been closed and six award winners will be announced at MWC23! You can view more innovative 5G case studies on the GSMA 5G Transformation Hub.


5G MEC powered XR Digital Twin Store

This project is targeting the retail industry, demonstrating how 5G enables new ways of interacting in shopping environments. Partners Sturfee and Mawari, with operators KDDI and Telefonica, envisioned using XR technologies to bring an unprecedented experience based on establishing co-presence: the feeling of being together in a place, despite being separated by great distance.

The user experience: a shopper in a physical store is joined by a shop assistant in a remote location. The assistant sees the shopper’s avatar inside the Digital Twin of the store, understanding the exact location and context, and can interact and communicate as if they are both present together in the retail store. The shopper, through their mobile phone’s Augmented Reality capabilities, sees the avatar of the shop assistant.


360 Interactive Livestreaming

The success of this edge-to-edge interconnection and interactive livestreaming use case has significant real-world applications and commercial impact for not only consumers, but also businesses involved in concerts, livestream shopping, sports and eSports. Venue owners, event organisers, ecommerce companies, and retail brands can benefit from the enhanced audience engagement and monetisation.


GSMA Foundry Info Hub

The GSMA Foundry is the go-to place for cross-industry collaboration and business development, where GSMA members and industry players come together to rapidly develop real-world solutions to industry challenges, nurture new ideas through initial commercial trials and scale proven solutions at a regional and global level to forge our digital future.

Meet our team at the GSMA Foundry Info Hub at MWC23 where we can show you how to submit your new and existing projects for consideration in the GSMA Foundry, and provide examples of existing success stories to date.


If you are interested in finding out if the project you are working on could become part of GSMA Foundry, and eligible for future exhibition showcases at GSMA events in 2023 and beyond, contact us at [email protected] or find out more here.