Mobile Meetings Series: Towards a competitive spectrum mix for Europe

Start: Tuesday 18 June 2019 12:30

End: Tuesday 18 June 2019 15:00

Venue: Regent Park, 1st floor, Boulevard du Regent 35, 1000 Brussels

Location: GSMA Europe Office

This GSMA Mobile Meetings Series event will focus on the challenges and opportunities of spectrum allocation and management and the role of the mobile industry therein.

Spectrum bands have different characteristics, making them suitable for different purposes. Low-frequencies ( < 1 GHz) support widespread coverage, bringing connectivity to urban, suburban and rural areas. Mid-bands (1-6 GHz) offer a mixture of coverage and capacity benefits, which are expected to form the basis of many initial 5G services, such as video streaming and IoT communications. High frequency transmissions ( > 6 GHz) carry more data, but are poorer in penetrating obstacles .

In order for 5G to deliver on its primary use cases, it needs sufficient spectrum in all three frequency ranges. As new spectrum is released in existing and new mobile bands, spectrum allocation has become increasingly complex and important. Although the ultimate aim of spectrum awards is to maximise economic and societal benefits for consumers, no “one-size-fits-all” approach exists for the design of spectrum allocation due to the varying national market circumstances and needs.

The spectrum decisions being taken now will have far-reaching consequences for the quality and capacity of 5G services, and ultimately the competitiveness of digital economies. Only when governments work closely together with stakeholders to design and implement a future-proof foundation of spectrum, will European citizens be able to reap 5G’s full potential. The next GSMA Mobile Meeting Series roundtable will bring together a group of 20 selected stakeholders, including national decision-makers and industry experts, to discuss, amongst other issues, the following:

  • What is the optimal allocation of spectrum, in which fragmentation and under usage are kept to a minimum?
  • What role could unlicensed spectrum and spectrum sharing play in ensuring optimal usage?
  • How can national governments and the mobile industry work together to ensure optimal usage of spectrum?
  • To what extent is spectrum harmonization needed to ensure high quality 5G services across Europe?
  • What can we learn from previous spectrum awards?

This event is by invitation only and will be held under the Chatham House rule. Registration will be granted on a first-come first-serve basis and limited to one representative per company.

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Hosted in our offices, the Mobile Meetings Series are small scale – but big scope – invitation only events for the Brussels public policy audience.

Join us for a different take on the main issues affecting the mobile communications industry and its place in Europe’s information society.

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