Mobile Meetings Series: The consumer as king: making digital content mobile

Start: Tuesday 21 June 2016

End: Tuesday 21 June 2016

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Digital technologies have radically changed the way creative content is accessed, produced and distributed. 49% of EU internet users listen to music, watch videos and play games online. Many of them, especially the youngest ones, expect to do so while they travel in the EU. Unfortunately, the last Eurobarometer on “Cross-border access to online content” has shown that more than half of respondents (56%) who have tried to access content cross border have experienced problems: in particular 27% only had limited access to the content and could not access or download what they wanted. European schools and universities are eager to engage in e-education, researchers want to use advanced content mining techniques, and cultural heritage institutions are willing to digitise their collections. Copyright-intensive industries (such as media, book publishers, sound recording companies, TV broadcasting) represent more than 7 million jobs in the EU. It is essential that policy maker and stakeholders join their efforts to create an environment ready to meet new challenges.

The heart of cross border portability of online content services in the EU results from the licensing practices of right holders and/or the commercial practices of service providers. Cross-border portability concerns online content services to which consumers have lawful access, or content that they purchased or rented online in their country of residence and to which they want to continue to have access when travelling in the EU. Consumer demand for the cross-border portability of online content services is substantial and expected to grow

In this context, the mobile industry is a critical enabler for cross-border portability as consumer`s demand for content and access via mobile devices is increasing. This Mobile Meetings Series breakfast will focus on:

• How can the mobile sector support the increasing demand for the cross-border portability of online content services?
• What are the threats and opportunities for the mobile sector arising from the cross-border portability proposal?
• What is the role of the mobile sector in dealing with the licensing aspects of portability?
• What role does  the mobile sector play in the  balance between consumer’s localization and privacy?
• What are the key policy barriers to cross border portability?
• What is at stake for mobile operators?
• How can EU policy makers and stakeholders of the digital sector work together to meet consumers` requests?

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