Mobile Meetings Series: Digital economy: Balancing inclusion, opportunities, and access for women

Start: Tuesday 15 March 2016

End: Tuesday 15 March 2016

The information and communication technology industry (ICT) is a fast-growing sector which is not only creating job opportunities, but also providing the means for ensuring greater access and transparency for individuals when it comes to jobs, internships, and financing for new businesses.

However, there remains a lack of gender equality in the digital age. Inclusion of females in the technology sector remains low despite the need for more women.  The gender pay gap remains across all sectors and the low participation of women at higher levels is reinforcing the barriers to full gender inclusion in the growing digital economy.

The EU has been focusing more and more on gender equality as part of the Digital Agenda and the upcoming MMS event will focus on the concrete actions that can be taken to foster greater inclusion of women in the digital single market.  Questions for discussion will include:

  • What best practices already exist for expanding the inclusion of women in the digital economy?
  • What barriers remain that prevent such practices from being implemented?
  • In what concrete ways can the EU accelerate inclusion, opportunities and access for women to the digital single market?

Event summary