Omnicard: The world of smart ID solutions

Start: Tuesday 20 January 2015

End: Tuesday 20 January 2015

Location: Berlin, Germany


OMNICARD,  is the definitive event for smart ID solutions, and offers a broad, up-to-the-minute spectrum of topics at the upcoming conference from 20th to 22nd January 2015.  One field with a special focus will be payment systems security and mobile payment.

Topics will include eID and nPA, eGovernment, Cyber Security, Smart Home, Industry 4.0, Big Data, eMobility, eHealth and NFC.

Stefan Weil, Operator Outreach Director for the GSMA Personal Data Programme will be participating in the session entitled “eMobility & Smart Phone.”at 9:00 on the third day of the conference.

The session covers straightforward user identification and authentication together with eSignatures and the creation of added value forming part of  the key ingredients for successful implementation in more than 40 states worldwide.  The forum will provide an overall picture of the motivation, goals, target groups and business models of a number of different stakeholders in this ecosystem including network operators and identity/authentication and service providers.

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