Mobile Meetings Series – Smart Vehicles: The contribution of mobile technologies to safer, cleaner, and more efficient transport systems

Start: Monday 8 July 2013

End: Monday 8 July 2013


The development and expansion of innovative mobile technologies is playing a greater role in transport policy through the creation of new tools and processes for more connected, smarter and greener vehicles in Europe. The increasing use of vehicles, and greater traffic demands across Europe, can be made safer and more efficient through the use of mobile technologies and infrastructures while lessening the environmental impact.

Embedding mobile technologies in vehicles provides new solutions to transport system problems as drivers can receive real-time information about traffic jams, accidents, road works, weather conditions and even parking availability. Mobile is also enabling greater response time of emergency services when accidents do occur and more than 2,500 lives a year could be saved with embedded emergency call systems in vehicles (such as eCall). Mobile technologies are playing an increasingly greater role in transport systems, providing solutions for drivers, vehicle manufacturers and businesses alike.

Bringing together representatives from the GSMA, industry and policymakers, the GSMA event aimed at identifying opportunities for further embedding mobile technologies in connected cars.