Regional Groups

Regulatory (REGU)

RegulatoryThis group is focused on the debate and analysis on regulatory issues and events that are of relevance in Latin America such as unbundling, spectrum for mobile broadband, VOIP – Network neutrality, number portability, regulation and roaming. In addition, it has the objectives of promoting social responsibility among its members, representing them before other international organizations, inter-governmental and industry. The group is an important source of learning and information sharing for mobile operators resulting in best practices and better services to society.

Maria Fernanda Bernal Castillo

Chair, Directora de Cumplimiento Regulatorio, Telefónica Hispam

Marcelo Mejias

Deputy Chair, Public Policies Executive Manager, TIM Brasil

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For more information contact Lucrecia Corvalan, coordinator of the group.

Security and Fraud (SEGF)

security-&-FraudThe GSMA LA Security and Fraud group seeks to become the main channel of coordination and communication between the region’s operators. The search for best practices in these issues benefits the operators and the mobile industry as a whole. At GSMA LA, this group seeks to ensure cooperation between the different companies in the region and take their concerns to governmental, regulatory and other concerned organizations in order to take necessary actions in a timely manner.

José Gilberto Fragoso Gómez

Chair, Gerente de Seguridad de la Información, América Móvil

Délia Álvarez

Deputy Chair, Gerente de Prevención del Fraude, Telefónica Hispam

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For more information contact Alfredo Vitas, coordinator of the group.

Wholesale Agreements and Solutions Latam Group (WASL)

Billing-&-RoamingThis group brings together the entire community engaged in the international business of our members – wholesale market and roaming and value added services – to discuss the best technical and commercial practices and promote the growth of these services in Latin America. It is a vital space for connecting mobile operators in the region with platform and solution providers. WASL works with other GSMA groups worldwide, such as as the Interoperability Data specifications and Settlement Group (IDSG), Transferred Account Data Interchange Group (TADIG) and the global Wholesale Agreements and Solutions Group (WAS).

Claudio Reyes

Chair Gerente Área Acuerdos Globales, Antel Uruguay

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For more information contact Alejandro Adamowicz, coordinator of the group.

Technical and Terminals (TECT)

Technical-&-TerminalsThis working group’s mission is to provide support to members of GSMA LA regarding technical issues in the implementation of GSM networks and the evolution of these networks to support next generation services, such as 3G⁄UMTS LTE , IP and IMS Transport, among others. Likewise, to establish and maintain technical information network status and consultation services for member operators, promotes the exchange of experiences in the development of GSM networks and services, disseminates recommendations, events and training programs promoted by GSMA and protect heritage region by promoting the use of standardized spectral bands and GSM technologies. It identifies the common technical and commercial needs in the area of terminal operators Latam to channel them to the market leading providers.

Claudia Fontana

Chair, Sr. Engineer, Telecom Argentina

Hernan Marino

Deputy Chair, Director of Engineering, Tigo Colombia

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For more information contact Alejandro Adamowicz, coordinator of the group.