Digital Literacy

Supporting the Mobile Industry and broader ecosystem to develop and deliver best-in-class digital skills training programmes and raise awareness of the benefits from getting online.

Digital skills and awareness are essential enablers of mobile internet adoption. People need to understand the relevance and benefit to their lives from being online and to have the necessary skills to take advantage of the opportunity.

Digital literacy levels are typically lower (in some cases significantly so) amongst specific population groups – low income, rural communities and women. But there are other population groups that may also have missed out on education that would have introduced them to online technology. According to UNESCO, there are over 775 million illiterate adults globally, with ten countries – India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia and the DRC – accounting for 75 percent of the total illiterate population worldwide. Although literacy is not a pre-requisite for using mobile technology, many of these populations will not have the digitals skills required to ensure they are part of the digital economy.

The Digital Literacy Team works with the Mobile Industry and external stakeholder groups to develop and deliver best-in-class digital skills training programmes. Offering people the ability  to access and use a wealth of information that is relevant to their lives, whilst also raising awareness about the benefits of getting online and improving peoples social and economic opportunities.