Child helplines: A vital tool for preventing abuse and supporting victims in the MENA region

Zain Group works closely with the helpline community to protect children from abuse and safeguard their right to be heard. This includes a longstanding partnership with Child Helpline International. Jennifer Suleiman, Chief Sustainability Officer at Zain, notes, “As technology evolves, you’ll see more children using mobile services. As a responsible operator, we make sure they have the tools not only to enjoy the connectivity aspects but also to help their well-being.”

In Jordan, Zain supports 110 for Families and Children – a free, confidential helpline that provides resources and guidance and prevents abused children and women from being stigmatised. Zain provides technical support and helped to upgrade the helpline’s telephone system. More than 18,000 calls were made to the helpline between May 2018 and May 2019. In Sudan, Zain has worked with the National Council for Child Welfare to promote the national child helpline across the country. More than 930,000 calls have been logged since the helpline was established in Sudan.

To further support the work of child helplines in the MENA region, Zain translated into Arabic the Child Helpline International and GSMA guides for child helpline counsellors on internet safety issues.

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