UAV Commercial Network Field Test

Wednesday 1 Nov 2023 |

UAV Commercial Network Field Test image

Ericsson is performing a program of work in collaboration with GSMA to benefit the industry by undertaking a network performance monitoring and engineering (NPM&E) study associated with technical implications of commercialization of connected drones on mobile networks.

About the project

The scope of work will focus on an assessment of a variety network KPIs including signal strength, downlink, uplink, interference, and video performance with tests performed at various altitudes up to 400 ft. Phase 1 provides a network baseline with phase 2 covering network adjustments.

At MWC Las Vegas 2023, Ericsson provides an overview of the initiative, the solution approach, architecture, and summary of some initial findings for Phase 1.

To learn more about the report, find the demo video here. To stay updated on GSMA Foundry activities, check out their page here.