Thursday January 13, 2022

The AI Ethics Playbook & Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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AI has the potential to truly change the world. However, this represents not only an opportunity but also a risk. As the adoption of AI accelerates, organisations and governments around the world are considering how best to harness this technology for the benefit of people and planet. It is vital therefore, that AI is designed, developed and deployed ethically.

This playbook is intended as a practical tool to help organisations consider how to ethically design, develop and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) systems. It is designed to cater to organisations with varying levels of maturity with regards to AI adoption and familiarity with ethical principles.

Featuring spotlights and examples, the playbook helps the reader to gain an understanding of:

  • Common ethical principles
  • Organisational structure for dealing with ethical issues
  • Technical tools including Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Key themes and recommendations

The GSMA hosted an interactive and informative webinar on ‘Operationalising AI Ethics Principles into everyday activities‘. Watch the highlight video, featuring industry speakers sharing their insights and experiences, alongside key messages and highlights from the AI Ethics Playbook.

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