A 5G-Advanced interview series

Tune into the TechFive[G] interview series from the GSMA 5G Futures Community, a series that explores the new and exciting areas of 5G-Advanced technologies across global industries.

Hear from the biggest names leading the charge towards 5G-Advanced

The TechFive[G] video series explores what 5G-Advanced will mean for mobile operators and their customers. The series addresses key benefits of 5G-Advanced, such as new and differentiated services opportunities, reduced operational costs and greater customer engagement.

The GSMA speaks with industry pioneers leading the charge towards 5G-Advanced. We explore mobile operators’ strategies and deployment plans, while mapping industry changes to enterprises’ need for tailored and reliable services.

Following the launch of the 5G-Advanced industry paper, the series kicks off with interviews with leading equipment vendors and their operator partners, in which they explain how 5G-Advanced will provide value to mobile operators and customers.

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“5G-Advanced will help mobile operators monetise their previous investments in 5G. In particular, it will give operators the ability to tailor 5G connectivity to deliver specific services, opening up new business and strategic partnerships and enabling operators to remain competitive in an increasingly complex environment.”

Henry Calvert, Head of Network, GSMA

June 2024

Watch the GSMA in conversation with Ericsson and Telstra discussing the power of 5G-Advanced in driving intent, efficiency and sustainability in network services.

June 2024

Watch the GSMA in conversation with Nokia and O2 Telefónica who are pioneering the future of autonomous networks and developer integration with 5G-Advanced capabilities.

May 2024

Watch the GSMA in conversation with ZTE, sharing how 5G-Advanced offers enhanced connectivity and customer experiences across a variety of global industries.

May 2024

Watch the GSMA in conversation with Qualcomm exploring the full potential of IoT expansion and network efficiency with 5G-Advanced technologies.