Tower and Fibre

The GSMA advocate for regulatory environments conducive to tower and fiber infrastructure development and are committed to empowering stakeholders with the knowledge needed for efficient deployment through educational resources. Collaboratively, GSMA drives innovation and promotes sustainability in mobile network infrastructure.

Tower and Fibre in the 5G era

In the ultra-accelerated 5G era, networks are transforming faster and more fundamentally than ever before. To keep up, Tower & Fibre companies are becoming increasingly agile, flexible and collaborative – juggling an expanding range of technologies, along with complex planning and asset management decisions.

Yet, even with maximum ingenuity and investment, more bandwidth and backhaul is needed for the digital era. There are also other challenges that need to be addressed – from how to increase rural speed and reach, to cutting energy consumption and managing tower estates more efficiently. As ever, exciting new technologies and opportunities are coming to the fore.

The GSMA is monitoring progress and building an understanding of what collaborative requirements are wanted for tower companies, infrastructure vendors and mobile network operators alike. Having held a series of roundtables and seminars in the US and Europe, we hope this snapshot will enhance understanding of the universal challenges and opportunities – and how, together, we can shape the future of connectivity to help business and society thrive.

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