GSMA RCS Accreditation Process Gives Market Reassurance

The GSMA is working with mobile operators, hosted solution providers and RCS Clients on an accreditation process that aims to ensure RCS services are implemented in accordance with the GSMA Universal Profile 1.0 for Advanced Messaging (UP). The process is designed to ensure that all market solutions interoperate seamlessly with one another and also to provide reassurance to the wider ecosystem as RCS deployments accelerate around the globe. LG, Samsung and WIT are just some of the organisations who have been accredited by the GSMA so far. You find a comprehensive list of all accredited companies here.


The GSMA runs a series of test events for client providers, hosted solution providers and network operators so that they can try out multiple different configurations to ensure they are compatible. This is one method of achieving accreditation. Participants work within pre-agreed test configurations with at least two different RCS clients and capture and share the test results with the GSMA. The GSMA analyses and verifies the results and then awards accreditation to successful participants which is published on the GSMA website. The accreditation process allows organisations to see which client or network has been passed as ready to interoperate with other accredited clients and networks.


The UP is backed by over 70 leading operators, vendors and OS providers worldwide. It is helping operators to upgrade their messaging services and provide subscribers with a superior and enhanced experience that works simply and consistently across devices without the need to download multiple messaging apps. The GSMA also recently published UP 2.0 which builds on the first technical specification by introducing key enablers for Messaging-as-a-Platform (MaaP) as well as improved messaging expressiveness, APIs, plug-in integration and improved authentication and security. MaaP includes support for Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging, rich cards, privacy control and spam protection that will accelerate the growth of an A2P RCS business estimated to be worth $74 billion by 2021. The GSMA is also facilitating the development of MaaP through a series of meetings called the GSMA A2P Future Messaging Lab where operators, messaging aggregators and brands are working together to begin trials.


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