MWC Shanghai 2018: Future Networks at Innovation City

MWC Shanghai 2018: Future Networks at Innovation City

Start: Wednesday 27 June 2018

End: Friday 29 June 2018

Venue: Hall 5, Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

Discover a better future at Innovation City, a must-see destination at Mobile World Congress, welcoming over 70,000 visitors annually across Shanghai, Barcelona and the Americas. The GSMA’s Innovation City presents an immersive showcase of the latest innovations in mobile. See how leading Brands, OEMs and Network Operators are using Rich Communications Services (RCS) to deliver new and exciting touch points for their customers and learn how 5G will transform our entire mobile experience.

The Future of 5G

5G is more than just a generational change from 4G, and will transform our use of mobile technology. In Innovation City, the Future Networks Programme will be demonstrating how 5G features such as super low latency response will create an exciting opportunity for both consumers and industry verticals.

 Partner  Product Demo Description

Cloud Pepper Cloud robotics heavily rely on the processing power in the cloud for artificial intelligence functionality such as computer vision, face/object recognition, NLP, VSLAM as well as motion control. The high volume of traffic combined with the need for high speed transmission and processing that exists in large scale deployments of cloud robots will fundamentally require the capabilities brought with 5G.

Cloud Robotics, requiring mobile networks that can offer faster connectivity and large capacity, has the potential of becoming a key application for 5G networks.

CloudMinds has been collaborating with telecom operators and equipment vendors including China Mobile, Softbank and Huawei to develop Cloud AI and Cloud Robot technologies to be deployed over 5G networks.


Meta Helmet Meta is the world’s first guiding cloud robot for the blind. This innovative helmet is powered by Cloud AI and connects to RCU (Robot Control Unit). The technology provides 3 main functions for the wearer:

  • Navigation: Through path planning features and environment recognition, the helmet aids the wearer to navigate both indoors and outdoors.
  • Object Identification: Through object recognition, the wearer is able to identify objects in front of them.
  • Social Interaction: Through facial recognition and expression recognition, the helmet provides the wearer with information about the person in front of them.
Huawei and Tencent

Mobile gaming formats are becoming more diverse than ever before and have increased demands for mobile system performance, for example in real-time multiplayer-based battle type games. User experience now heavily depends on latency and bandwidth. 5G Network Slicing provides a technical enabler to fulfil these demands, and will also create new business opportunities for operators and verticals. This demo will demonstrate how 5G Network Slicing can benefit both the end user and the gaming industry.

Interested in hearing more about 5G? Pre-register your place now at the 5G Network Slicing Seminar in Shanghai on Thursday 28 June.


RCS Business Messaging

See how leading brands are embracing the exciting potential of RCS Business Messaging. This year, Samsung will showcase their RCS platform and will bring a number of RCS use cases from across Asia to reveal how major brands are using this exciting touch point to enhance their customer experience and fuel customer engagement.

 Brand  Operator Demo Description
1-800-Flowers AT&T Through RCS Business Messaging, 1-800-Flowers customers are able to send flowers as gifts, receive customer care and check their order status.
Basketball FRVR The Basketball FRVR chatbot technology allows gamer immersion by providing NPC conversation.
Coffee Chatbot with Migu Migu customers are able to order a coffee through this chatbot, demonstrating how chatbots can connect consumers to business in an engaging way. Answer our trivia questions correctly and be in with a chance of winning a free drink!
SnapTravel AT&T SnapTravel’s NLP tech-based travel agent RCS bot transforms the hotel booking experience by understanding customers’ enquiries and connecting them to a human agent when needed.
Syte Inspire AT&T Using image recognition software, Syte Inspire’s RCS Business Messaging campaign provides users with the ability to find the exact item they’re searching for.
Walgreens (with 3Cinteractive)

The Walgreen’s RCS bot enables Balance Rewards loyalty members to seamlessly browse the latest coupons and offers by category, or search by keyword, and clip directly to their membership card for easy savings at checkout.


Global adoption of RCS is rapidly accelerating around the world with 55 Operator launches and 167 monthly active RCS users; a figure which is expected to double to 350 million by Q4 2018 and then double again the following year. What’s more, major brands such as, ITV and Subway have already launched live RCS Business Messaging campaigns which are revolutionising the way they engage with their customers.

Through Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence, RCS Business Messaging enables subscribers to gain access to a range of brands and services from within the messaging app itself, allowing them to make restaurant reservations, book train tickets, make purchases and much more without the need to download numerous apps. RCS Business Messaging has huge potential, with GSMA Intelligence estimating that the market will be worth over $74 billion by 2021.

Operators, OEMs and technology providers are working together to introduce RCS based on the GSMA’s Universal Profile standard, guaranteeing interoperability across devices, networks and operating systems

Interested in hearing more about RCS? Pre-register your place now at the RCS Business Messaging Seminar in Shanghai on Thursday 28 June.